Application Rationalization - Increasing Business Value from Application Portfolios

In today's world of cost-cutting, streamlining and ongoing business transformation efforts, organizations are seeking ways to be more agile, lean and innovative.  One area that business leaders can become more agile and lean is to clearly determine the value of their portfolio and how they can align it to fit the organization's strategic direction over a given timeline. 

Here's an approach to assess the value of a portfolio through an application rationalization framework that leaders or consultants can use to help their clients determine the best disposition of each application and the overall value of applications that can drive the business forward.       

7 Strategies for Overcoming Resource Issues and Risks on Your Projects

Resource management is an area that every project manager knows is critical to project success; It is one of the major responsibilities of a project manager that requires both soft and hard skills. As part of the resource management process, a resource plan is put together with a list of the resources and the estimated time allocation needed by each resource. However many times there is a gap between planning and execution - and that gap could be significant when the resources are identified to work on the project. Project managers can end up with some real-life challenges when they find themselves encountering the people issues that make it very difficult to manage the project. Below are some of the obstacles that are common for project managers to come across when managing resources and seven key strategies for overcoming those obstacles:

How Successful Risk-Takers Think

Risk-taking is an imperative part of leadership and entrepreneurship. Being comfortable with taking risks is a very important characteristic in a leader's effectiveness. Entrepreneurs are by nature risk-takers and must take risks in order to thrive. Similarly with corporate leaders.  However in order to be effective at risk-taking, you need to have a way for calculating the risk and managing that risk.   We've heard the statement "the higher the risk, the higher the rewards". But at the same time, the higher the risk, the higher the failure.

Successful leaders and entrepreneurs who are comfortable risk takers have developed a mindset around risk taking and a process by which to manage their risks in order to manage their emotions about the unknown, reap the benefits and maximize their returns when they take on risks to progress and grow.

Here are five ways that risk takers think to grow their organization.

7 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Managing Projects

Those of us who have been in the project management field for a long time know the many challenges and risks – both expected and unexpected - that can surface on projects. Combine that with the challenges of managing remote teams, different personalities, different agendas, conflicting priorities, booked schedules, unclear scope, and a stressed environment, and you have a road filled with many obstacles to overcome before you even start.

In this article I’d like to start by summarizing some common pitfalls that I have experienced and observed in many of the client environments I have worked – in hopes to help others proactively mitigate and even avoid them.


rania-kortRania Kort is an Independent Management Consultant and Business Advisor with more than 20 years’ experience helping Fortune 100 companies successfully implement strategic initiatives. Rania has managed large-scale programs and programs, established and run PMO's and implemented process improvement in many different industries. She ran and grew an IT Management Practice for PricewaterhouseCoopers for more than seven years managing over 300 consultants.  Currently, she serves as an independent consultant focusing on achieving results through collaboration and a team leadership approach that ensures alignment, accountability and trust to develop high-performance teams.

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