Top 10 Traits of Extraordinary Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Successful leaders are typically measured on the goals they achieve for their organization. However, achieving results is only part of what makes a great leader.

Here is a list of the top 10 traits that apply to both corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. These traits can make a significant leadership difference in any type of organization – small or large, and can be practiced by any business professional who wants to shift from being ordinary to becoming an extraordinary leader regardless of their role.

Emotional Intelligence - The Hidden Key to Success

Emotional Intelligence (also known as EI or EQ) is one of the keys to success both personally and professionally, yet many people do not have deep insight on what it is and how it impacts performance.  

Unlike IQ that measures cognitive intelligence, EQ is related to awareness and social complexities related to emotions and reactions and the ability to effectively manage them in oneself and with others to drive positive outcomes.

Three Ways Leaders Use Emotional Intelligence to Make a Difference

Studies in the last decade continue to show that having a high degree of emotional intelligence significantly impacts results and differentiates the type of success leaders achieve.  Although IQ has traditionally been the factor in identifying people's intelligence, emotional intelligence, on the other hand, identifies the degree of effectiveness and ability to relate to and successfully interact with others. 

In this highly competitive, high-stress environment we are in today, one of the areas that is significantly impacted is the successful interactions with others. Why? The simple answer is because stress impacts emotions and emotions impact interactions. Those with higher emotional intelligence recognize that they need to be more aware of their emotions in the moment, manage those emotions so they are not impacting interactions, and relate to what others need in order to build successful outcomes.  

Here are three simple ways that leaders use emotional intelligence to make a difference with their team, especially when interactions seem hard:    

Effective Stress Management Techniques to Apply Daily

Stress is a part of life and impacts everyone. It comes in all forms and levels of intensity, and has both positive and negative effects. Stress is a critical topic to address because it is affecting people at work, at home and in their overall lives. In most cases, stress causes problems when left unchecked. The issue is never whether people have stress or not in their lives; everyone experiences stress. The issue is how much is your stress impacting you and how well are you managing it?

Here are some healthy strategies and techniques to help you be aware of your stress and to turn your stress into productive action so it is does not impact your overall well-being, relationships and performance!


rania-kortRania Kort is an Independent Management Consultant and Business Advisor with more than 20 years’ experience helping Fortune 100 companies successfully implement strategic initiatives. Rania has managed large-scale programs and programs, established and run PMO's and implemented process improvement in many different industries. She ran and grew an IT Management Practice for PricewaterhouseCoopers for more than seven years managing over 300 consultants.  Currently, she serves as an independent consultant focusing on achieving results through collaboration and a team leadership approach that ensures alignment, accountability and trust to develop high-performance teams.

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