How Leading Organizations Are Using Digital for Strategic Advantage

Digital transformation efforts are underway in most organizations today as leaders continue to uncover new opportunities that create added value and better ways to engage with customers.

Businesses in different industries are in various stages of using digital advancements to better compete. Some organizations are in the beginning stages while others are evolving into digital masters as they implement new innovative digital growth strategies to adapt to emerging trends. 

Although there are many different dimensions to digital transformation, here are some of the key areas that leaders are considering when implementing digital solutions for strategic advantage.



rania-kortRania Kort is an Independent Management Consultant and Business Advisor with more than 20 years’ experience helping Fortune 100 companies successfully implement strategic initiatives. Rania has managed large-scale programs and programs, established and run PMO's and implemented process improvement in many different industries. She ran and grew an IT Management Practice for PricewaterhouseCoopers for more than seven years managing over 300 consultants.  Currently, she serves as an independent consultant focusing on achieving results through collaboration and a team leadership approach that ensures alignment, accountability and trust to develop high-performance teams.

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